Skatepark of Tampa

Front of SPoT

photos by Josh Bowser aka @bowser_media_lab

Shop name:

- Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT)


- Tampa, FL

Year Opened:

- 1993


- Brian Schaefer


- Our Warehouse originally housed Paul Zitzer's Vert Ramp back when the locals were just looking for a place to skate. The retail shop was part of the natural growth of both the skate scene in Tampa and the growing popularity of the Skatepark itself.

Wildest Thing That Has Happened At The Shop:

- It might not be the WILDEST thing, but last year someone stole a Parole Officer's car and was part of a high speed chase that ended at SPoT. The driver wrecked the car on the highway right next to our back offices, then jumped off the highway wall, about 12-14 feet up, then ran and hid underneath the deck near the Moat. Police eventually found him and had to drag him out with guns drawn and German Shepherds biting his legs. The video we posted on Instagram actually went viral and played all over local news stations.

Who Rides For the Shop?:

- Team Riders:

Marse Farmer

Sam Bellipanni

Tyler Wolford

Keenan Lewis

Wesley Box

Kris Clayton

Robby Kirkland

Cash Gaddes

Markus Jalaber

James Cobb

Derick Glancy

Eric Mckenney

Alejandro Burnell

Alex Johnson

Tim Geiger

Brian Adams

Wesley Box : Hippy Jump

Wesley Box : Hippy Jump

Eric Mckenney : Back Tail

Eric Mckenney : Back Tail

Markus Jalabur : Heelflip

Markus Jalabur : Heelflip

SPoT Fam

SPoT Fam

Inside SPoT

Inside the shop

Inside SPoT

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