Photos : More Gnar
Video : Andres Garcia
Words : Husky Brown

24 months ago a group of 10 bros put some money into a hat with the hopes of being able to work on a project together and at that time Bobby had been wearing a 'fanny pack' forever so we decided to make some bags, perfect for a day our skating... June 2017 The Bumbag Co was born, long before all the posers who are biting our shit now.

The last 2 years have been a wild ride and we wouldnt be shit without the support from our founding team, the dudes who work behind the scenes, the bros, the fans, the artists, the filmers and photogrophers, other brands that are down to get behind our program and most importantly the local skate shops that have supported us along that way.

Bobby and the bros wanted to throw a party at our local skate park to say thanks to everyone who has had out back.  Shouts out Steve Clare for MC-ing the day and to all the sponsors who sent us proddy to give away!!  

Crap Eyewear
Baker Skateboards
Creature Skateboards
Hard Luck
Mob Grip
OJ Wheels