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JT's Bag Drop Feb. 07. 17

Oy! hows it garn?! This is JT Rhoades, Bum Ambassador here and I'm gonna start doing a weekly blog post to give all of you a insight into the life of people who makes BUMBAG what it is. Nothing better then knowing what we are up too and feeling closer to us as family and a brand. I plan to bring you moments in the life of people we hang with, skate with and mingle with. Be on the look out for us, our new gear, and the party involved !!

Show at Til Two club

Pre-Show axe talk w/ Gabe ( @messerguitars ) and Zack  ( @volcanorips )

Slurk playing with the fresh guitar out front

DJ for the Night, and Bassist for the headlining band Sacri Monti, Dukke, spinning records

Volcano band starts the night off

Ake brought the visuals and high vibes ( @operation_mindblow )

Smoke break after the first band with stoogs

Petyr up to bat 2nd

Mr Riley ( @RileyHawk ) flying V geet leading the pack

Holl mirroring some past times

Sacri Monti came out on drugs or something

Dylan had a lot going on in his head

Brendonnne was floating on the stage 

The drugs started to wear off


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