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500 Bums Launch Party BlowOut Dec. 06. 16

SHABOOYA! This last sunday was amazing! What a turn out for the 500 Bums wallride party! We are stoked to be able to kickstart things with our Oceanside skateboard community.  More then 200 people came out to skate the abandoned parking lot and catch some wall rides , and hang with the Bum squad. Noting better then skaters of all types and tons of bros shredding it up together in the unused space in Oceanside. After a bunch of larking, wallrides, a few holes in the ramps, and good times, the cops came and shut us down. Couldn't have ended it any better! Thanks to everyone who came out! 

The Bum boss testing the ramp before the extravaganza

Timon and Pumbaa gathering signs for a smooth roll

Bob the boss and BB in the shed talking things over

Jump ramp , Jump ramp, Jump ramp, Jump ramp

Even the old dogs can do it!

BumLord overseeing the action

The intern understanding the fundamentals of virtual reality and angles

Bossman Bob on some new shit

The bros are impressed with the jump ramp action

Heading to the event

Our 1st customers already on the scene when we rolled up!!

And the wallrides begin, Toshs corner on his spidey shit

Canadian bum JS Lapierre crossing the border

Oside loc Chinto scraping across

Active's Morgnar was there doing his thing

Youth on the scene

Bags of all kinds on the scene

Siked to have these dudes involved

Get the cheese while you can

hype all around

Mousegrip laced us up with some goods

party poopers showed up

Frankilla letting the cops know how he feels

everyone migrating while watching the cops try to clear the spot

Bossman Bob thanking everyone for rolling out after we got shutdown

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Franky Villani peacing out

Time for a celebration
Heres a video recap of the event


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