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Bill and Shred's Excellent Adventure Vol. 1

Bill and Shred's Excellent Adventure Vol. 1

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Bumbag 2nd Birthday Bash

Bumbag just turned 2yrs old and Bobby threw a party at Prince Park to thank the homies for their support!!

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BumBag Baja Skate Mission

No better place to skate then a place with tacos horses and insane spots. Peep the happenings down south!

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Pow Wow #5

It's that time of the month again. Here's Franky Villani, Bobby Long, Figgy, Chinto Alvarez, Tanner Burzinski, and Jon Dickson showin yall what they do best.

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Pow Wow #4

Grinds, homies, and good times. What more could you ask for?!?!

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Pow Wow #3

This months PowWow includes the incredible talents of JS Lapierre, Zach Allen, Bobby Long, Collin Provost, Tanner Burzinski, Jake Johanness, Ace Pelka, and Willis Kimbel. Its a gathering you wouldn't want to miss.

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Pow Wow #2

We are stoked to bring you another episode of Oba's Pow Wow. We got some clips in the streets with our homies and had a good time.

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Pow Wow #1

All the boys are always out skating somewhere. Here’s a little recap of the last month cruising around in the streets.

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Once in Mexico
The bum bros packed in the car and went south to Mexico for the weekend. We were greeted with good spots, raging times and great tacos. Enjoy this trip video of the boys killing it all while having fun.
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Shep Dawgs

With the release of the newest skate video of the season - SHEP DAWGS 5, we teamed up with the group of absolute shredders to produce the bag of their dreams and now we are offering it to you.

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