What more can you ask for then a road trip with the bros?! How bout a van that isn't yours to a apartment that you get to stay at in the city with spots littered around it! We loaded up the mini-van and made the trek to San Fran from O'side with a tight krue who was ready to laugh all the way there and rip the spots ta boot. SF is the real streets and if you can get it done there, you shouldn't have a problem too many other places. While you're at it, check out the NEW RANGE out now!

Featuring: Cruise Mosberg, Victor Aceves, & Bobby Long.

Video by: Jacob Nunez
Additional filming: Andres Bill Garcia
Photo: JT Rhoades

San Fran

Nothin like the view from twin peaks with the fog rollin

Cruise Wallride Giza

First spot of the trip, Cruise hesitates not. The throw down to this wall ride was a trick in itself and the cracks in the wall were the icing on the cake. The lil big man is not playing with this one. 

Cruise Noogle

The vibes are high with this one... now when will his height be too?! 

Cruise Wallride

Cruise makes all this stuff look way too effortless, and his knowledge of the city cant be matched by any 13 year old that isnt from thereBurrachos Amigos

The streets are singing, and im liking this song mucho

Stoop kids

Stoop kids that cant stay on the stoop for very long

Tron bomb

Bobby bringing it back in many ways... Grate over the hydrant with a unearthed trick of his... Switch 180 aka The Tron Bomb ( circa 2004)

Bobby fry Long


bob to fakes

Like a kid in a candy shop, Bobby was having too much fun here. Frontside to fakie

Cable car

Classic SF sights in China Town

Gutter Mcdonalds

Nothin is sacred on the streets ..... hahahah F' you Ronald

Victor Knock Knock at yo front door

Victor got harshed by all the forseen and unforseen elements at this house bump. The home owner is straight out of a cartoon, and ready to shoot anyone

Victor loves his board

But you cant strip this board from his cold lifeless body if you tried

Victor Frontside flip

The precision on this flip was nothing short of perfection. Victor is like a fine wine in the streets.


The fives for tricks kept on rollin

Cruise throw up rock n bomb

Cruise has some quick feet and large cajones... throw up rock n' roll

Bobby board to losi

Bobby took a long slide to a hectic dink on this relic

Victor doesn't need lip

Victor decided to not leave the city after this lipper.

Paco slice za

It really be like that ! Great times were had and even bigger slices. 

Bobby Push

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