We here at BumBag came from the streets. We have grown up in the grime and we appreciate every minute of it. When you see the world from that angle you learn about the real world. Art comes from the streets and the streets produce emotion. We vibe heavily with the people making cool stuff, and Savie is out there on the move getting hit's on all the nooks and crannies. We caught up with him to discuss the graff life and skating, read below!


Interview by BobbyLong

Bob: Who are we speaking with and how old are you?

SAVIE: I write Savie and I'm not old enough to rent a car yet...

Bob: Where are you located currently?

SAVIE: My friend tanja's house

Bob: Did you paint last night?

SAVIE: No. I ate shit skating and then I just got stoned...


Bob: Hard. How old were you when you first got into painting?

SAVIE: 7th grade. I think I was 12

Bob: What was it that got you starting to paint back then?

SAIVE: This skate crew in my area called PxUxS Fucks. They would do tags at all the skate spots somewhere near the runway or the landing and would always tag "pissing upon society". I thought that shit was bad ass...

Bob: Respect! You skate also, do you think painting and skating go hand in hand?

SAIVE: Most definitely. I feel like I don't go skating without seeing graffiti and it covers most DIY spots. I always have a marker in my pocket when I'm out and it's the best feeling to just go skate with the homies and catch tags throughout the day.


Bob: Favorite skate Vid?

SAIVE: My favorite video growing up was Pigwood Slaughterhouse. I really dig the style from those dudes.

Bob: What about a favourite writer?

SAIVE: I have a handful. My trusted homies and crew members for sure... To name a few - Stepdad, Hier, Dr.sex.

Bob: Crëw Crëw. So you like painting solo or with homies?

SAIVE: Mostly solo. If I go out with a homie its someone I trust and its never more than 1 other person.


Bob: You rather get it daytime or night?

SAIVE: It doesn't matter to me. If I'm feeling it, ill go for it. Most of the spots id like to get are better if I do them in the dark...

Bob: Respect SAVIE. We back you all the way! Any shit you want tell the bros out there?

SAIVE: Yeah. much respect to everyone out there throwing down & trying tricks, and to those who are putting it down for graffiti. Im stoked on everyone who finds and makes their own spots without side busting. do you and find your own path...