Frankie Villani is the type of skater that you could watch day in /day out because he is having more fun than any of us doing it.  When we decided to put together Vol. 1 of The Dirt there was no question that we wanted to feature Frankie in the first issue.  Franky's creativity extends far beyond his skateboard, take a look at some of his sketches that he sent us.


Frankie has supported us form the day we started and we are very hyped to consider him family.  We called Franky and asked him some quick questions for your enjoyment.


Interview by BB Bastidas

Illustrations by Franky Villani


Favorite skateboarder growing up?
Current favorite skater?
Louie / Jerry can’t call it.

Who is one of your favorite artists?

Favorite food?

Favorite company?
Cabbage Patch Kids

Favorite cartoon growing up?
Sponge Bob 

Favorite skate park?
Huntington Vans Park

What’s it like riding for Primitive?
Primitive is really cool. They pretty much let me do whatever I want. 
The trips are sick too. I get to go to lots of dope places.

What’s it like skating with your 
It’s pretty cool to see her learning more and more all the time. 
She has been trying nollie flips and switch flips lately which is dope.

What’s up with the Transworld video?
It’s called Duets and it’s all shared parts. I’m sharing a part with Jake Hayes. 
We went to New York, Australia and San Jose. It's gonna be sick.
We were filming for like 8-months

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