Nora Vasconcellos rips on and off the board and anyone thinking the worlds favourite, lavender loving female skateboard sensation doesn't know how to have a good time couldn't be further from the truth.  Nora moved out to Oceanside, CA not long after we lanched The Bumbag Co back in June 2017.  It was right around that time we started to see her down at the skatepark more and more.  November 2017 we asked Nora if she wanted to be part of a studio shoot for our second Bumbag range that we were releasing and now in June 2019 we are lucky to consider her part of the family.  

Nora's energy and excitement is like no one else.  Her creativity on and off the board coupled with a  stylish bag of tricks (that most of us could only dream about doing) make Nora one of the most iconic skateboarders to ever grip a board.

Nora has been a long time supporter of The Bumbag Co and we are hyped to release a signature series bag with her for summer 2019. The lavander Bacic hip pack that comes with a printed liner Nora drew herself is the prefect day bag for any skater out there wanting to some creative flair to their day.  Peep the bag here.

Thanks for the support Nora.  We love the hell out of you!

Words: Husky Brown
Photos: JT Rhoades