canvas circles

Nolan Cooley is a 14 year old skateboarder and artist from Oceanside California living with autism. Since April is Autism Awareness Month we wanted to team up with Nolan to make something extra special. Nolan's parents began to take notice to his art of patterns around the age of 6, when they would find colorful scribbles, circles and rectangles all over his school work and other miscelaneous " canvas' " around the house. Since then he has been creating in his spare time. The art is second nature for Nolan, and it is what brings him a dose of peace to his everyday life. Over the last few years Nolan has amassed nearly a thousand or more works, in his bedroom you can see probably 300 canvas frames adorned with patterens leaning against his wall at the foot of his bed, and if you open any drawer in the room there will most likely be stacks of pages with art.

Nolan doesnt stop creating, and that is something we really like about him. Since the start of his ripe art career has started he has had 3 gallery shows, made multiple zines, has products ranging from socks, to stickers, and even skate decks... We are so beyond psyched to have the opportunity to do this bag with Nolan and cant wait to see what the future brings for him. 

Follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his website for one of a kind art.