Video : Jacob Nunez
Photo : JT Rhoades / Morgnar
Words : Husky

2019 Q3 OUT NOW - Peep the range here.

Welcome to the future.  We just starting popping open the boxes of the new shit and it's looking damn fire.  Landing just in time for you to get a fresh kit for school, we think you deserve it.  

Lots of really bad ass people had input on this range of bags and we are hype to work with so many homies from all around the world.  Shouts out to the whole Bumbag squad and all the skate shops out there that hold it down for the local scene.

Respect to Toy Machine!!  Espically, Colin, Axel, Dan and the whole Tum Yeto squad.  This shit is all time!

Foy and Pilz - Lifers.  Nothig but Love!

Hiro you god damn legend!  Thank you for always being down.

Shouts out to Boo and the Just Have Fun fam.