Michael Burnett is very revered name in the skate game. Known as "Burnout" to many, he is easily one of the most prolific documentors of the culture. He ventured from Colorado to California in the early 90's to persue a career in photographing skateboarding, and after a few years of hard work landed himself the covetted job at Thrasher Magazine. After a few years of learning Mike took over the Mag as editior and has been running with it for nearly two decades.

 His photograhy has put him out in the wild with the best and wildest dudes on 4 wheels. He has documented the biggest longest and most out of wack in the game. Without Mike skateboarding wouldnt be as cool or punny as it is today, so we couldnt be more psyched to have the opportunity to feature a small glimples into his great photography, Big love Mike!!

Ali Boulala

Ali Boulala yanking a Japan in Japan? i think not, that would be rude

Stu and Div

These guys are Scottish, scary and talk weird. Perfect... Stu over Div

Dan Lu

Dan Lu soaking up the session 

Evan N Jew

Julian Davidson and Evan Smith thuggin in the A on KOTR

Chiefers Five Oh

Jamie Thomas hammerhead five oh in the streets

Got Crabs

I hope you dont have crabs

Dickson Roof gap

Jon Dickson flys like superman

Chad Bartie Pole jam Fakes

Chad Bartie pole jam to fakie


Gas mask rips

Vert Vampire

Navs, getting a bible brushing

Provost FireAir

The Provider, Colin Provost singeing his body at home


Spider under fire

Foy Backsmith

Jamie Foy taking a back smith the distance over stairs in Australia

Eman Nollie heel

Eman goin in for speed

Hewitt TailGrab

Peter Hewitt has been fliying for decades


Moat Race nap at S.P.O.T

Rowan Switch Grind

Rowan Zorrila coonskin switch 5050


"Baby" Jamie Tancowny trench war fare