JT: How was Hawaii? You said you just got back from there..

KS: It was fun, we skated a bunch and did some demos. We checked out the beach and stuff too.

JT: I saw you were watching all the big surfing too, what did you think of that?

KS: Its crazy, I don’t know how they do it. Its scary to go out there.. Id drown for sure.

JT: Did you go in the water?!

KS: Yea, we went in the water, but we didn’t go to far out, the waves were kinda crazy.

JT: Yea it looked pretty big out there… Lets start this. Where did you grow up?

KS: I grew up in Encino California

JT: How old are you?

KS: 16

JT: How was it growing up in Encino.. was there a skate scene?

KS: Not really, a couple of my friends skated, not too many. I skated Pedlow park a lot. My mom would usually drop me off.. or my dad.

JT: What grade are you in?

KS: Im in eleventh grade

JT: What do all the kids in school think about you? Do they know you’re a famous skateboarder?

KS: Hahah naw… Really they just trip out that i get free clothes and they want some, haha

JT:  Wow haha, What was your first sponsor?

KS: ummm basically Baker. Well the real first on was a company called Inside the drop.. it was a really whack company haha

Kadar FS Flip

                                                                                               FRONTSIDE FLIP

JT: How’d you get hooked up with Baker?

KS: I met Andrew (Reynolds) at Biebel’s park, and he asked me if i wanted boards.

 JT: Did it trip you out when you started hanging out with Reynolds?

KS: Yea, I was really hyped. He has helped me with so much.

 JT: What was your first skate trip?

KS: It was a Baker trip, i think, we went to SF. Or maybe it was Tampa Am… I don’t know

JT: How’d you do at Tampa?

KS: Probably last…I didn’t really like skating it. it wasn’t really fun

 JT: I could imagine it is pretty nerve racking. Who is your favorite skateboarder?

 KS: Grant (Taylor) or Rowan (Zorilla)

 JT: Whats your dream sponsor?

 KS: Chik-fil-a or in-n-out. Actually, Supreme. or…wait, I dont know, Apple. Or um.. a jewelry company, I like it, its fun to wear. Probably Cartier or something haha. Id like a necklace and i  wanna sell it and make a lot of money.

Kadar Barley Grind

                                                                                                                 BARLEY GRAND

JT: Whats your plan for 2019?

KS: Keep skating and stay hyped on it. Baker4 , gotta keep working on that part.

JT:  What do you want to be doing when you’re 25 years old ?

KS:  um, something sick…living somewhere tight, having a drivers license. 

JT:  Whats it like doing homework in the van? Does anyone help you?

KS: I have gotten help, but i don’t usually ask for help cause then it takes longer.

JT:  Who’s the best person to help you do get corrects answers on homework in the van?

 KS: Frank Gerwer or Jon Alden

JT: Last question, Whats your favorite video game?

KS:  Fortnite, Its the only video game I play, but I don’t play that much. Im don’t play many games, but theres this one game at Atiba’s, Kombat or whatever,…Mortal Combat! Atiba’s rich, so he has those things… arcade games at his house and they are fun

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