You know what we like? Skating the streets with friends! When we met up with this group of rad girls who are out skating everyday having loads of fun, we wanted to link up with them and join in on the action. The funny thing about being out in the streets is you never know what is gonna happen and that day we went out and things changed directions quick. Peep how it unfolded 

Lets roll!

we had some fun pushin through the city

Go skate... its fun

The yellow flanders bag on the streets


The sun is shining, the weather is sweet out

Bob came out for the lark.. Here he looks up for his future pent house

Paola and Amanda were in high spirits.. 

Even with blood on the scene

Jennifer pondering what she had just witnessed


That was gnarly!! What do we do now?!


checking the carnage with Ashley

Bobby keeps the wheels rolling

Victoria wanted to go buy flowers before we went to the hospital

we had to skate our way toward the hospital because there was enough room for all of us in the ambulance ;)

Hilary cruising in the street

Eunice showing me how to fight

The bags are good for all scenarios


and holding Lip Smacker chapstick 

whats goin on over there?!