What a day for a prem!!
A NBD location for a skate premier 
Riley does it all...Setting up the electronics
BUMBAG tent going up...on a Thursday
Big day for Mr Nunez, congrats again
BB show never fails
Thrasher's Dave S coming to the rescue with all the tools
And we have a screen!
Magical setting before the magical night begins
I mean would you just look at that!!
Let the party begin!!
Some oside legends holding down the sales and distro.. DJ Coolbreeze and Diamond Dave
It was a BYOB type of affair, Mr Zimmerman knows
Pretty much a bring everything type of night
BobLong was in full documenter mode
Our guy Davi repping that ATB x BumBag gear
Mr Raybounre traveled from Oregon to celebrate the night
A glamor shot of Paco on his big night
Last minute run through to make sure everything is working
Our guys
Everyone made it, even the local drifters
A family affair
Dads came out... Birdman and Riley
Whole families , The Zorrilla's are a beautiful bunch
Lutherans and co
Bob never stops skating things
Oside legend Mr Garza and many more
Feds showed up fashionable as ever, sebo showed too!
The video was about to come on and everyone started crowding the stage
Thanks to the SHEP DAWGS for all their hard work and putting this night together
Our artsy guy Blakation and good homie Steve Haring with lots of other homies
The leather guys made it ;)
MorGnar in the house!
Juices were flowing
And baseball bats were being swung by Mr Lawyer
Rad Dad DC24 brought the next gen out for the night
Our Guyz
What a time!