After 4 hellacious days in Tilburg, Netherlands, where 9 bands from San Diego got flown out to do their thing, the dust has settled after RoadBurn and I'm going to bless y'all with a small snippet of some of the action that happened. 
Figgy was on the big screen front feeling before a show
Figgy's 3 bands Arctic, Harsh Toke and Pharlee all played. The man is a beast..
The Nuge made it
Messer Guitars which are handmade guitars in Oceanside Ca onstage! 
The sounds coming from this guitar were beautiful
Can you deny the beauty
When in the Netherlands you may do thing like this
And you know Riley Made it out with his band Petyr
with all the friends in town it is hard to remember that we are not at home till...
Hallas from Sweden was a great switch up from the San diego bands 
it was a highly documented set
My personal favorite show of the weekend was Kikagaku Moyo, from Japan is a must see
Watching the hype from the crowd assured the bands were a great addition to the festival.
We owe it all to these two legends right here. A huge THANK YOU for bringing us all out.
I have about 5000 photos from the 4 day weekend, so back to work!!