I left Ethiopia a bit over a month ago and have been looking back on the trip, thinking a lot about the build and all the friends I made while I was there. Building anything when the necessary supplies are hard to find is a challenge. With all the road blocks facing the progress of the build, everyone remained upbeat and enthusiastic to make a place for the local kids to skate. All the volunteers put in so many hours of blood, sweat and tears to make this park come to life, and they did it to make themselves happy. If you'd like to help Ethiopia Skate by donating, here is a link to help the skate scene in Ethiopia grow.
Working long days in the hot sun made for a few naps.
There was tons of concrete to be poured in this massive park.
Also there was tons of work to be done other than concrete.
Here, the crazy human responsible for Burnside Skatepark, shows everyone how you make a QP with no remorse.
There was plenty of work to get done there, and the days just seemed to jump by.
The sun we down but we brought out our own light.
Every long day deserves a cold beer.
Everyone was giving all they had.
We started some fires close to the wet cement to help dry it up faster.
We were under close security supervision.
The volunteers were no joke! Very hard workers going non stop.
One day I got lucky to help go gather tools and saw a bit of town.
The donkey was the number 1 mode of transportation in Hawassa.
This was our Bajaj drive Danny, he helped everyone get around everyday.
This is Shaun, one of the founders of Ethiopia Skate. Here he shows his excitement for the newest drop of cement.
The park getting some use before boards are able to roll.
Fresh crete always brings out shotty artists.