Man has this last week been a crazy one. Traveled across the country to the small town in the Rift Valley called Hawassa to start the build of Ethiopia's newest skate park. The visual plethora of sights is outta control!!
I often find myself forgetting to document this breath taking place because i'm to busy picking my jaw up off the ground.  With no time to breathe we are now at the build site, have all the supplies we need to get started and the goal is to start & finish the new park in two weeks.   There is so much that goes into bringing a skate park to life and with out the help of the local community it would not be possible. 
- JT Rhoades
Morning hustle and bustle begins on our travel day.
Yared grabbed a Ethiopian flag off a roadside vendor as a memento for the trip.
The great wide open.
The Acacia tree is a staple in the african desert.
It was a trip getting into the small villages and seeing some awesome mud homes.
Views of Lake Hawassa when we arrived.
A quick skate around town after our 285 km drive to loosen the limbs.
Locals watching us skate by.
A view of the soon to be fun zone.
We have rallied up the locals to help get the park built.
Work is going down out here.
This place is refreshing, seeing everyone pitch in to see this park build.
When I say everyone, I mean everyone.
Getting dirty for the love of the game.
The rain has made for some slippery mud, this is the 3rd stuck vehicle in 1 week.
Grinding away.
The sight of the blistering sun going away is welcomed on this job site.
The sun going down hasn't stopped the grind.
 Back to work for now.