Last week I landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I came out here to work with Ethiopia Skate, a non profit organization, that is introducing skateboarding to the people of Ethiopia. While here, we plan to build the second skatepark in the country, located in the small town called Hawassa, which is about 200km south of their 1st built park in Addis. This is such an exciting opportunity to be a part of and I'm proud to be out here documenting and getting dirty with the build. Below are a few images from my first week in Africa. Hope you enjoy and check back for more updates in the coming weeks. - JT Rhoades
This is Me and my first photo in Ethiopia.
First stop in Addis Ababa is Tryst coffee shop, with the homies.
The streets here are wild, you never know what you will see. Definitely my favorite part about being in this place.
Ethiopian coffee is the best you can find, and the first bean discovered on spaceship earth. I think I have drank about 7 cups a day on average.
Local art of a past King and Queen.
Everyone has a smile on their face here... Especially when we kick down some new HappyHour shades!!
Juiced we got to lace our friend Yared out with a bag.
We've been giving skate sessions with security provided in some very lush backyards.
Natty busting a blunt fakie to hype the sash.
The development and growth in Ethiopia is highly apparent, and that is the same with the skate scene here thanks to the Ethiopia Skate community leaders.
Skateboarding is fairly new to the country and everyone enjoys watching the young people skate the at the park in Addis.
Life is good and everything is moving up out here. I am very psyched for what is to come over the next 3 weeks :)