The New Dogtown
Words and Photos bu JT Rhoades

Traveling to Ethiopia isn't usually the first idea for a vacation, but
maybe it should be. Addis Ababa, the countries capital, is a extremely
beautiful city that is rapidly growing with hundreds of cranes
building astounding high rises on every block, and those streets are
crawling with street vendors selling a variety of things from live
game, to fresh fruits and veggies to a assortment of bootleg clothing
items all awhile be accompanied by an overwhelming scent of coffee from the thousands of nooks to hang and sip.

   There is so much to be seen everywhere in Ethiopia it's truly a
delight, also there is a very new and emerging skateboard scene that
has popped up in the last decade which the Ethiopia skate organization
has magnified over that time. With the construction of 2 concrete
skate parks, skateboarding lessons, supplying access to gear (not 1
skateboard dealer in the country)  and much more to come. The talent
and progression the skaters show on the board and off is promising.
The scene is very reminiscent of the Dog Town era, with no OG
skateboards to learn from and all opportunity for the scene to grow
organically. I have no doubt that we will see a pro skater and videos
coming from Ethiopia in the near future.

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