Zorah Olivia is a photographer hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, who recently traveled her talent to California. She began crossing paths with some of the best skateboarders around and she always had a camera on her, so she consistently captures amazing stuff. After a article in Thrasher Magazine, working with ManRamp and doing photo walks with Apple corporate, its safe to say Zorah has rooted herself to grow much more in the photo world.
Check out some of her awesome work below
Andrew and Stella Reynolds getting air
Andrew Reynolds
Dave Mull Roof Grind
Dave Mull Roof Three Sixty Flip
Jen Soto Kickflip the hole
Kader Sylla
young ripper Lola T catching a carve in a deep bowl
Mariah Duran kickflip over the Escalade 
Rianne Evans Jamming and not complying 
Sam breaking the rules, so we won't add her last name
Steve Mull and ManRamp practicing their olympic routine
Steve Mull and ManRamp also get down on the streets
The Worble
Marilyn Didal blasting a melon
A short documentary about Zorah and her photography