It's people like our bro Rafael Gonzalez from Panama who inspire us. He is what we would call a purist. He has been continually creating analog images around the world on all mediums of film. He is a very skilled documenter of the life of skateboarding and its surroundings. From the people to the streets to the action, he points his camera of choice at everything. The creator, curator, and sole photographer of Interstate Magazine, a black and white printed magazine "focused on skateboarding, visual culture & arts. Its photographic language projects a broader impression that goes beyond tricks, and rather makes reference to individuals who seek in skateboarding a medium to express themselves".                
Lucky for us, Rafael was kind enough to send over a batch of photos from the streets that he frequents so much, to show us his "inspired by urban fragments, travels and daily life street scenarios". Go ahead and check these out then purchase a issue of Interstate mag and follow him on Instagram.

Berlin 2016, X-Pan

Paris 2016, 4x5 film

Manhattan 2017, Hasselblad

Lyon 2016, X-Pan


L'Eixample Barcelona 2015, Type 55

NYC 2017, Hasselblad

Poble Nou Barcelona 2018, 35mm

Barcelona 2018, 35mm

Lesseps Barcelona 2018, X-Pan

 Forum Barcelona 2015, Type 55

Ciutat de la Justicia de Barcelona 2016, 4x5

Berlin 2016, 35mm

Kamppi Chapel Helsinki 2016, Hasselblad

Vall D'Hebron Barcelona 2016, 4x5

NYC 2015, Hasselblad

Barcelona 2014, Hasselblad

Bilbao 2015, Hasselblad

Barcelona 2016,