Bryce Golder hailing from the land down-unda via Melbourne, Australia sent us over a awesome batch of goodies to look at. He is a talented guy on and off the board. He travels the world riding his skateboard and picked up a camera to document the times while he's out getting moves himself. Check it out!
Hootie Andrews Back 5-0
 Jack O'Grady Backside TailSlide
Raphael Langslow Krooked grind 
Riley Pavey Lipslide
Brain Delatorre Frontside Feeble
Jack Kick Frontside Nose slide
 Dean Johnston Lip slide
Jack Asani Ollie 
Gabriel Summers Backside 5050 up
Quade Baker Kickflip
Mattew Boggis Backside Big Spin
Shoe Paul Krooked Grind 
Alex Harvey 180 Nose grind 
Brass Switch 5050
Louie Dodd Ollie 
Raphael Langslow Ollie 
Jesse Noonan Feeble 
Rob Pace Frontside 5050
Ben Hermans Wallie 
 James Hall Frontside Feeble
Noa Papadopulos Frontside O