BB Basdidas is the Creative Director at Bumbag a renown skateboarder and artist hailing from the streets of Oceanside, California. Growing up in such a beautiful and culturally diverse place like Southern California, he became encapsulated by what he saw everyday and felt it was necessary to make his visions come to life. After years of creating, he delved into the unspoken and unknown world of ancient civilizations, conspiracies, and the obscurities of everyday life. Thats when his work took a bizarre turn into what we see today. BB got his first break in the skateboard art game back in 2010 creating his first board graphic for Lizard King when he was onThink skateboards, since then BB and has transcended his art onto many other mediums.  From murals in Europe to curated shows in Japan, the man has been around the world doing what he does best for year and it isn't gonna stop soon. 
Below is a small selection of his work he chose to share with us. Feel free to check out his website and Instagram