CowTown Skateshop in Phoenix, AZ is a staple in the skate scene in its area and known world wide for its hosting of the PHXAM Contest. We are psyched to have the support of such a iconic store, if you are in the area and you have the chance check them out.

Cowtown Skateboards Phoenix, AZ. Shop opened January 1997 

Owners: Trent & Laura Martin, Ed Cox Jr. Manager: Al Pugh

CREW PHOTO from left to right: Jordan Rommel, Micah Negrelli, Al Pugh, Josh Lamb, and Levi Cox in picture being help up.

Wildest thing at the shop: Go Skateboarding Day 2014. Had a video premiere behind the shop and afterwards there was a giant product toss at a nearby park for literally thousands of dollars in skate product. Jock dad dude in a truck decided to drive through the 500 person plus crowd like a douche, ends up bumping a mom and kid and all hell broke loose. Bottles flying from everywhere at the truck with one smashing through his back window…. dude got out and almost got killed. PD was on site and thought the window breaking was a gunshot and called in shots fired. Had mass PD with helicopter overhead instantly. We got on the mics and yelled out to the kids, head to the park for the product toss… well that made things worse with the exodus of skateboarders mobbing/blocking our intersection with cops and shit everywhere, they thought it was a riot. The city closed the light rail down which activated the Department of Homeland Security. PD couldn’t stop the massive wave of skateboarders which was one of the most epic things we’ve ever seen. Product toss went down perfectly and everyone was stoked in the end. The next day we were contacted by the City of Phoenix with city attorneys physically coming by the shop to clarify the events. They reamed our asses out and we basically got shut down from doing events at our Downtown Phoenix shop for few years. Was fucking Legendary!

Team rider Robbie Brockel backside noseblunt photo Hammeke

Team rider Justin Modica FSA Photo JD Palmer

Team rider Jalen Noel Switch Krook Photo JD Palmer

Check out their new just released shop video 

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