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Leon Karssen

When someone like Leon Karssen rides his cat past you and mentions the idea of making some bags, you make sure that comes to life. 

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We have been lucky enough to do a collaboration with the coolest psock company in the game!
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Benny Gold

Benny Gold is a rad brand that came from skateboarding background and has grown to be a staple in the fashion world, based out of San Francisco. 

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OJ Wheels

Our new collaboration with OJ Wheels is out!! It is a thing we could only dream of! A fresh brand like ours linking up

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Eloise Dorr

We are extremely excited to present to you all our colab with Eloise Dorr. A very talented artist with a signature character that skates and who stands out in any art better then 'Wheres Waldo'. 

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Friendship Skateboards

Well too say we're psyched is a understatement! We have a new collab with our good homies at Friendship Skateboards!

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Croc Lobster

If this clip doesn't get you fired up to go laugh and skate with the boys then we really couldn't think of a video that will. 

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We are juiced on this one!!  Mad love to Chris, Bucky and all the homies at Emerica for their support.

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We couldn't be more hyped to have the support from the local Oceanside homies, Brixton for the limited release of the Friendly Union - Hues Bumbag. 

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BB Bastidas - Innervision

From the bizarre and genial brain of our guy BB Bastidas, came INNERVISION. A board series and correlating video with Element skateboards and it's team riders Evan Smith and Mason Silva.

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