When someone like Leon Karssen rides his cat past you and mentions the idea of making some bags, you make sure that comes to life. Now we bring you a interview with cat man himself          
Sup Leon?  Where are you right now?
Hey, I'm out in New York City.
You seem to travel quite a lot, where is home for you?
Home is wherever my cats are.
 What came first for you, skateboarding or art?
I mean, what is art? I was handed crayons as a little kid and what not and always sort of liked drawing but this whole path I'm on currently all got sparked by skating
Favorite skate Vid?
I don’t have one haha - I barely have a favourite of anything
 Your drawings and art is super sick, what got you into doing that?
Thanker, skateboarding and being bored
How does it go when drawing?  Sit down and see what comes to mind or do you sit on ideas for a while and work on them?
Almost everything is random and or starts out by a mistake haha
So I take it YES you are a cat person?
I am a cat enthusiast yes, although I do not care to see other peoples cats.
If you are reading this, don't send me photos of your plain boring cat.
What’s next for you?  How’s 2019 gonna play out?
2019 is going to be Pretty good I hope.
I plan on trying to grow my brand.  As I am gaining more retailers to send to
more growth equals more possibilities and more structure.
I hope to extend into more cut and sew plus other fun things.
One year goes by quick so I’m positive I wont be able to further the art side of my career aside from my brand this yearbut that’s alright. Im still 23, no hurries.