Words : JT Rhoades
Photos : Brendan Klein

Brendan Klein is a skateboarder and photographer from Oceanside California. He has scoured the crustiest and grimiest areas that exist, searching for pools and all skateable terrain across the USA. He has documented some unreal stuff and has a been doing it for nearly two decades. With beauty comes very grimy stuff and we enjoy it all. We needed to see what the streets have shown him, so now we get to show you some of what he had to offer.

Chaz Pineda catching some wall in the last of the light in a ditch in Vegas

Lincoln, Caddy, whatever you got, push man dont be scared of squat

Kill the curbs before they kill you

Some pools are filled with water, some are skateable, others have a different life

Locos only foo

A young Marius Syvanen going switch into B street

Raven Tershy getting stale mid air

A blast from the past.. A very youthful Bobby Long and Myslef

Wes Kremer and homies in a dream backyard

Shaun Stultz checking the mail with a krook

Tyler Surrey getting his strecthing on with a Crail at Home Ave

Tyler Mumma does the not so feeble grind in the deep

always show love to your dogs

Stowaway kitty cat

American outlaws are not a thing of the past

Dont try the Governor 

Watch out kid you're gonna shoot your eye out

Use em before you lose em...

Halloween is and always will be the best holiday..

Tom Remillard has style for miles in the deep end